Peter’s Pasta

Looking at UrbanSpoon, I’m confuzzled why this place has such a low ‘like’ percentage? We can’t help wondering if people misinterpret Peter’s (the owner’s) sense of humour. He is typically the one who seats you and takes your orders – in doing so he usually jokes with you and teases you a bit but it’s all in good fun :).

The pasta is fresh and homemade (which apart from Sorisso’s on the northshore, this little mouse can’t think of too many other places in town that make their own pasta) and the sauces are very tasty. Ny would kill for the veal garlic… In fact that’s his standard dish everytime these little mice get out of their hole in the wall and go for dinner there.

There’s often a line up of people waiting to be seated which should tell you how tasty the food can be (at times the pasta can be slightly undercooked, but not often). One of our only gripes about Peter’s Pasta is the fact that it does not allow reservations which can means standing on the sidewalk in the cold in winter but you usually don’t have to wait for too long.

Good food, entertaining service and a warm and inviting atmosphere… What more can you ask for?

Well, perhaps more cheese for two little mice but we’ll let that one slip ;).

Until next time.

Ano and Ny Mouse

P.S. More comics soon! Lynnora makes another appearance.

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Ploughman’s Lunch

When walking downtown, you can’t help but look in the winter of this quaint little coffee shop/bistro. It is adorned with cozy cottage/western/pub type decorations which makes you feel relaxed and at home no matter the time of day. They usually always have an interesting special or soup and the pyrogies are always fantastic :)! Look for the Norfolk Pine trees in the front windows which owe their pedigree to other businesses downtown – they are huge! (Why can’t mine survive and look like that!?).

Usually good service and tasty food with a large selection of vegetarian items, these two mice should really get there more often 😉

Ano and Ny Mouse

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